Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blood explosion

How does this happen to me????!!!!!

Now while the blood in the above picture is all on the floor - the explosion I was privy to was all over the floor, side rails, bedding, patient's hands, legs, hospital gown, even in their HAIR!!!

So here's how it all happened....

Settled my confused, ancient, patient who understands NO english to bed.... and went to complete charting as it was 2300hrs and I had a 1/2 hr before my shift was done so off I went.

However, my pt had been restless all evening long and was throwing their legs over the side rails. So since I was nervous that they would fall out of bed, I finished a couple of people's charting and then went to check on this patient. I guess it was intuition that something was going on.

I wish I had a picture that would illistrate the disaster I found. It was SHOCKING! What had happened was that the patient had managed to disconnect this part:

Which was still in the vein - from this part:

because there was this on: a statlock

And while I LOVE statlocks - the confused pt's always make life difficult because the things that are supposed to keep these patient's safe - such as pulling out an IV - they manage to do so anyways. As was the case with my patient.

So because the pt managed to disconnect the extension set from the IV cannula which meant that there was a direct access to the blood supply and away went this pt bleeding EVERYWHERE!!! I was so shocked when I went in there that the first this I did was grab the wrist because there was so much blood everywhere I didn't know WHAT had happened and I just wanted the bleeding to stop! But then I was perplexed because I needed help but I knew that all my colleagues were back at the nurses's station and NO where close enough to call for. It took me about 2 minutes of brainstorming before realizing that I could use the pt's bedside phone and call the nurses station.

But then it just rang and rang! Oh My Goodness!!! At last someone picked up and came to my rescue. I was able to figure out what had happened and reattached a new extension set to stop the bleeding. Then went about cleaning up the blood explosion - which took another 1/2 hr because of the amount of blood. Goodness it was a mess!

Happy ending to me for nurses' week!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Another one down

I officially got my marks for my courses -

Food history = A

Nursing for adults III = B-

Hubby isn't too thrilled about the B- but I have indicated that I was feeling burnt out this semster so it's pretty good in my book. I would have preferred a B or even a B+ but it is what it is. I'm just excited that I made it through the course that has been the bane of my nursing education journey. So I'm hoping that now that I have that under my boots that the rest will be smooth sailing.

Now that I have that over and done with I set my sights on the next researchish course for my program. Unfortunately we have to have groups - something I'm not impressed about. Something I'm certainly NOT looking forward to. However, one thing I learned from the last round is that I will stand up and be leader of this group - because at least I get some say in how the group is managed.

Then this fall I start in on Nursing for adults IV - AKA critical care - doing placement in the ER. And while that course will be UBER busy, I have to do an english course on top of it. Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Almost 2 yrs in

So I've been on the injured list for almost 2 yrs...

I went to my surgeon several weeks ago and had him sign off on my paperwork (which is what Oc Health told me I HAD to do) so that I only work Thurs-Sun - which is what I've been doing for more than a year (off and on)....

Then to be told by them that they REFUSED what my surgeon indicated - pretty much word for word for the last 2 yrs -- how in the world do they do from being ok with me working up to 4 days to saying that there isn't sufficient compelling object medical information to support my accomodation

Dude, the information hasn't changed!!!! So how the hell is that possible?! honestly!!!

First thing I did was call my union rep cuz there's NO way that this will fly! He thought it was ridiculous and said that he would get on it pronto. So tomorrow I will follow-up with him about this because it's stupid and insane. How can they refuse medical that they've accepted throughout this time period?! We shall see who reigns as victor!

Monday, May 4, 2015

On my unit critical thinking isn't all it's cracked up to be

One has to wonder whether my colleagues have any critical thinking abilities.

When a patient falls and hits their head/neck/back (in any which manner) off the wall or the front of the counter in the bathroom and loses consciousness.... #1 move would be to NOT MOVE THE PT!!! Yet the ONLY voice of reason was I. WTH is that shit?!

Thankfully I'm a pretty bold person and I point blank told the other several nurses that were there that we weren't moving the pt but that I needed assistance to keep his neck and head in proper alignment while straightening him out from his slumped position. Once that was accomplished we set about to put the pt on a back board then transport the pt to the bed so they weren't on the cold floor anymore.

I put forth that we should call a code but no one would listen to me - including the charge nurse - she said that since the pt was awake (any by NO means alert!) that it wasn't warrented... ya right! The pt wasn't answering questions and had lost consciousness. We had no idea whether the pt had had a stroke or seizure or anything else.... I thought it was foolish.

So I stayed with the pt ensuring that he did not move his head until the physician came. About 10 minutes later the physcian showed up and the pt was coming around. Neurologically not all there, not answering questions very well. Pupils were not equal and one was sluggish - now I have NO idea if this is a change but it certainly isn't normal!

The physician thankfully sided with me so a C-collar was applied and a head CT was obtained as well as x-rays to clear the spine and check whether any ribs were fractured. Wonderfully, all was cleared and believe that the loss of consciousness was infact a seizure.

I seriously question the critical thinking skills of the people with whom I was working with - and some of them are seasoned nurses. Such a shame!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Plugging along and birthday parties

Well I screwed up my nutrition test but did excellent on my nursing course test..... so I have to redo my nutrition test in the next couple of days.

Teacher just gave us the final exam study guide so I'm plugging away at that. ALOT of chapters to study let me tell ya!

On a separate note - saw the surgeon yesterday and he tightened the seton. Boy was that painful. Not as bad as when I came out of anesthesia or the first time he ever tightened the seton. He said he liked how I was healing and said that if I didn't experience pain with the tightening then it's not doing it's job.

Problem with tightening it yesterday was that it was my daughter's birthday and we were throwing a big party for her with several of her little friends at Chuck E Cheese. We had a blast but I was certainly in pain. The party went off without a hitch. It was nice to have another person to help throw the party and cater to the kids. They all seemed to enjoy themselves and I got a bunch of pictures. My little girl was sooooooooooooooo excited to have it there and at that location the mouse would come out every 30 minutes and dance and give away tickets and tokens and every time the mouse came out, so did she and she would be giving him hugs and high 5's constantly and when it went into the back she would follow him and beg for hugs and high 5's. It even came and did a personal appearance at her table to do a birthday presentation and have pictures taken. She also got a pinata that had tickets and token inside for her and her little friends to share. Plus she got a turn in the ticket blaster tube (just her, because she was the birthday girl!) to catch extra tickets (they're air blasted around her so she put her hands out and catch them and put them in her pockets in her dress)... she did SOOOOOOO good at this (the hostess said that she was surprised at how good that she did - that she's the best that she's seen in a long while b/c most forget to hold their hands out to catch the tickets and lose vital time to catch the tickets - b/c it's only active for 30 seconds). She also had a blast catchinig the tickets and being the only one to go in.

We certainly got our money's worth - she had a blast! Then they got to take their tokens and go play the games and go on the rides and take pictures with her friends. She was so excited that she took a long time to wind down once home.

It was a wonderful birthday and I like to think that she will remember this day for a long while. I know I remember my birthday when I was her age - having my birthday with my friends in my backyard and getting my new bike. We got little tyke a Frozen themed bike as well. And boy is she excited! My aunt bought her a Frozen themed helmet that is super cute and has a tiara on the front - and it matches perfectly with the bike. She wants us to walk it to school today so that she can ride it home she's that excited!

My parents and aunt came down for the weekend and got to spend time with us. It's the first time my dad has ever come down here since we've been living here. We were a bit concerned that he would be really, really bored when he came down but I've heard that he really, really enjoyed it here. Poor guy was subjected to tons of shopping with women..... story of his life these days (according to him!) We celebrated little tyke's birthday with family by going to a chinese restaurant - which they all loved. By the time that appetizers were out my dad was full and shocked that we still had to eat the rest of the meal!!!  HAHAHAHA We had fun though - and hubby's family actually talked to mine so we all had a good time.

She's one spoiled little girl! Good thing I love her to death, we spent a small fortune this year on her!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fighting the system and my husband

Talked to the chairperson today and was told that she had very little power to over-ride the professor and "make" her do what I want and allow me to take the course even though I would be completing the clinical hours in the first two weeks.

I explained the second half of my call and that if I wasn't permitted to take the course I want, then she needed to help me out in getting me into the other available nursing course that I could take (she said that she couldn't help me get into a nursing course with a clinical component)... which she said that she would speak to THAT professor as well.

And she would get back to me... though no time line was offered :(

This week's work for school isn't too rough, I have a quiz and an assignment (with the online simulation thingy they have us doing) so not too bad except next week we have not one but TWO exams and my husband is UBER concerned about and so is getting all stressed out about and naturally taking it out on me.... he expects me to be studying 24 hrs a day - or at least doing so in front of him.... which is not how I work/do things. So of course he takes it upon himself to
"make sure" I do by downloading this week's power points (which I had already done) without actually talking to me.... but he didn't do it out of a place of love, he did it from that critical point of view where he thinks I'm slacking off. If he had just opened up his mouth and talked to me, I wouldn't have yelled at him, lost my cool and gotten upset.

Thing is, ya, I slack when he's around because he only has 2 days off and I like to spend time with him - when he isn't around, I study - I do my work. I'm not stupid, I do want to succeed. I want to pass this course. Why would I choose to spend 3x the amount of $$ to FAIL???!!!

So ya, I'm fighting so many areas and it's frustrating and irritating. Goodness, I don't know why this is always so bloody hard!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Geeze Louise

So I've put in for the next course and was in contact with the professor to find out how quickly I can start the clinical hours. Only to be told (after a bunch of emails back and forth) in the end that I'm not allowed to take the course because my clinical hours won't be spread throughout the semester (dude - I'm doing school nursing... I don't know of schools that go throughout the summer - yes I know summer school exists in highschool but I'm not in one). WTH!!!!

I've had MAJOR issues finding a placement and then when I do, I'm STILL not able to utilize it. How can this be?!

So I went over the professor's head and went to the chairperson of the program - someone who can hopefully have my back and help me out. Last semester when I was having difficulties, she had my back, so I'm hoping that she'll have my back again and step in on my behalf.

Problem is, is that if I can't take this course, then I won't have any ability to take any courses because all the ones that I'm eligible for are filled or closed so I can't enroll in them. Ugh, just my luck!

Oh ya, and I was told a couple of days ago by my education counsellor that I'm somehow missing a course and have to "fit" it in somewhere, somehow before winter semester.... and the course is filled up for the summer semester already and I can't take it in the fall so I have NO clue what I can possibly do.

So ya, I feel like I keep getting sucker punched left and right. Just when I feel like the pieces are falling into place, I get punched in the gut again. Hopefully I can hear good news tomorrow when I reach out to the chairperson by telephone.