Friday, June 19, 2015

A picture's worth a thousand words

But a story puts it into context....

That is little tyke's arm!

I was at work last evening and hubby calls me at about 1730 and tells me that she hurt herself on the treadmill. I was indifferent because she's been acting silly when she's been using it while supervised by me. I figured she got her due for doing something she's been admonished for - figured that maybe she'd learn her lesson the hard way! Hubby told me that she had fallen and hurt her arm and wasn't moving it. I didn't think much of it because if she had fallen from standing she shouludn't have been seriously injured. But I was swamped at work and I went on with my shift.

Around 2200hrs when things calmed down a smidgen at work I called for an update. Hubby said she still wasn't moving her arm, was in considerable pain and wasn't her lively energetic crazy self - so that's major clue #1 - for SOMETHING to stop this kid, something must be very wrong. Unfortunately, hubby had already left for work and no one could bring her to the hospital. So instead they took her to bed.

While I was at work I was talking to evening hospital manager (we're chums) and we were talking about how "we take care of our own" when we're in the hospital or go thru ER - I was "hells no, that hasn't been my experience AT ALL!!!" I told her about my previous meningitis experience and the abcess/fistula times. Then later in the conversation I was talking about little tyke and how hubby said that she was really hurt - she told me that I needed to bring her in just so that she could be cleared. I said that I didn't want to have to wait because I knew certain ER sections would be closed and we would wait FOREVER to be seen.... she said that she would flag my little tyke's name so that we could be seen faster and she would speak to the Dr. there to give him a heads up.

So I got off work - drove the 30 minutes home to pick up little tyke and when I picked her up, just the action of moving hurt (and she was asleep so that tells u the amount of pain!) so I knew that she needed to be brought in to the ER. Drove another 30-40 minutes back to my hospital and checked in. About 45 min later we saw the Dr then 15 min later got the x-ray and immediately saw the break come up on the screen. I believe my reaction was "shitballs!". Went back to the unit and waited for the Dr - another 45 min. He said that he could put it in a sling - I told him in NO uncertain terms that THAT would NOT work for this girl. I told him that her arm would ultimately break further if we just did a sling. So I told him that he needed to find another solution! So off her went.... another 45-1hr later he came back and had me follow him into the casting room where he put a semi cast from the top of her shoulder to her finger tips and then we put a sling on just to support it.

Now we have to wait until tuesday to see the ortho Dr to find out what's going to happen. They could do an ORIF or leave it and hope it heals in alignment. If they want to go the surgery route - it can be done in the first 14 days of injury. The whole issue with all this is that we were supposed to leave tuesday in order to go home and see the eldest graduate elementary school. Now things are up in the air until that appt. AHHHHHHH such stress!!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Nobody cares

This is slightly a pity post

My birthday came and went - with NO one calling to wish me a happy birthday - sad face

My own kid didn't call me :(  - he "forgot" about  my birthday

My own mom didn't call me - her excuse - well it costs me 50 cents! OH GOSH that will break the bank!!!

My own BFF didn't call me - she says she tried - I saw a text message saying happy birthday but that's as close as it comes :(

I hate giving out the love but not getting it back

Monday, June 8, 2015

My birthday

Two hours ago I turned 33! Wow, where has the time flown to?!

My husband took me out for dinner yesterday - yummy Mandarin - a day early because it was crab leg day (yummo!) and today he made an appt for me to have a "hair spa day" - I get it shampoo'd, cut, highlighted and styled. I'm looking forward to this. It's been a while since that has been done so I'm excited! Especially considering my eldest graduates from elementary school at the end of this month (now I'm just showing my age!)!!!

When my littlest heard that hubby was taking JUST me out for dinner she threw an epic fit! She was aboslutely distraught that we were going to leave her behind. Her words "but you NEVER take me anywhere" - you could FEEL her desperation! Oh the woes of a 6 yr old!!! Funny thing was was that I took her for a special day - just her and I - just YESTERDAY (saturday) and we went shopping and had lunch together. We spent a bunch of special time just us together. We really enjoyed ourselves - so of course I had to point this out and you could tell that she got it even though she was still mightily upset - when I explained to her that she got special time with mommy that it was only fair that daddy also get special time with mommy to celebrate!

When I reach my birthday every year it makes me look at what I've accomplished. I feel like I'm behind the eight ball - it's taken me sooooo long trying to reach my goals. I live with my in-laws, I don't have my degree.... I started this whole road almost 13 years ago and I have fallen and faltered on it. When I look at my best friend I see where my road was supposed to go and where I "should" be right now. I'm seriously green with envy - I want what she has! I want her possessions and position. I hate that I'm in this position because of the road I've had to travel. Then again, without this road I wouldn't be the person I am. I know that my road brought me my loving husband who has given me the strength and support I've needed to pursue my nursing. We've BOTH made sacrifices to try to make our goals work.

This past year I was able to make it through a course that I have struggled to get past and I feel like I've made it around the bend - the one that's plagued me. I only have 5 more nursing courses before I finish this degree and boy can I not wait!

I'm hoping that in this next year I can make it successfully through these courses. I'm hoping that I can make these goals that I have set. I fear failure (who doesn't?!) but I also know that anything's possible.

To the possible!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Planning a mommy and daughter day

About 6 months ago I took it upon myself to take my little girl for a mommy and daughter date

We went shopping then I took her for lunch

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

Then the other day I saw that my favorite consignment store was having a sale this coming weekend.

So yesterday after my Dr's appt I took a swing by and sure enough in the front window they had a sign about their upcoming sale.

So that cinched the deal and told hubby what I was going to do. He wasn't so psyched but gave the go ahead.

Then I told little girl about it and her response was "sure, and then we can go to Popeye's!"

HILARIOUS! It's the one place that Daddy doesn't like to go to so it's perfect.

Now I can't wait to go shopping with my little girl and get it for good prices!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blood explosion

How does this happen to me????!!!!!

Now while the blood in the above picture is all on the floor - the explosion I was privy to was all over the floor, side rails, bedding, patient's hands, legs, hospital gown, even in their HAIR!!!

So here's how it all happened....

Settled my confused, ancient, patient who understands NO english to bed.... and went to complete charting as it was 2300hrs and I had a 1/2 hr before my shift was done so off I went.

However, my pt had been restless all evening long and was throwing their legs over the side rails. So since I was nervous that they would fall out of bed, I finished a couple of people's charting and then went to check on this patient. I guess it was intuition that something was going on.

I wish I had a picture that would illistrate the disaster I found. It was SHOCKING! What had happened was that the patient had managed to disconnect this part:

Which was still in the vein - from this part:

because there was this on: a statlock

And while I LOVE statlocks - the confused pt's always make life difficult because the things that are supposed to keep these patient's safe - such as pulling out an IV - they manage to do so anyways. As was the case with my patient.

So because the pt managed to disconnect the extension set from the IV cannula which meant that there was a direct access to the blood supply and away went this pt bleeding EVERYWHERE!!! I was so shocked when I went in there that the first this I did was grab the wrist because there was so much blood everywhere I didn't know WHAT had happened and I just wanted the bleeding to stop! But then I was perplexed because I needed help but I knew that all my colleagues were back at the nurses's station and NO where close enough to call for. It took me about 2 minutes of brainstorming before realizing that I could use the pt's bedside phone and call the nurses station.

But then it just rang and rang! Oh My Goodness!!! At last someone picked up and came to my rescue. I was able to figure out what had happened and reattached a new extension set to stop the bleeding. Then went about cleaning up the blood explosion - which took another 1/2 hr because of the amount of blood. Goodness it was a mess!

Happy ending to me for nurses' week!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Another one down

I officially got my marks for my courses -

Food history = A

Nursing for adults III = B-

Hubby isn't too thrilled about the B- but I have indicated that I was feeling burnt out this semster so it's pretty good in my book. I would have preferred a B or even a B+ but it is what it is. I'm just excited that I made it through the course that has been the bane of my nursing education journey. So I'm hoping that now that I have that under my boots that the rest will be smooth sailing.

Now that I have that over and done with I set my sights on the next researchish course for my program. Unfortunately we have to have groups - something I'm not impressed about. Something I'm certainly NOT looking forward to. However, one thing I learned from the last round is that I will stand up and be leader of this group - because at least I get some say in how the group is managed.

Then this fall I start in on Nursing for adults IV - AKA critical care - doing placement in the ER. And while that course will be UBER busy, I have to do an english course on top of it. Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Almost 2 yrs in

So I've been on the injured list for almost 2 yrs...

I went to my surgeon several weeks ago and had him sign off on my paperwork (which is what Oc Health told me I HAD to do) so that I only work Thurs-Sun - which is what I've been doing for more than a year (off and on)....

Then to be told by them that they REFUSED what my surgeon indicated - pretty much word for word for the last 2 yrs -- how in the world do they do from being ok with me working up to 4 days to saying that there isn't sufficient compelling object medical information to support my accomodation

Dude, the information hasn't changed!!!! So how the hell is that possible?! honestly!!!

First thing I did was call my union rep cuz there's NO way that this will fly! He thought it was ridiculous and said that he would get on it pronto. So tomorrow I will follow-up with him about this because it's stupid and insane. How can they refuse medical that they've accepted throughout this time period?! We shall see who reigns as victor!